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Partnership Corner September 2018

    2019 AXA Achievementsm Scholarship Program is Underway 


    We are happy to announce that AXA has awarded hundreds of scholarships to high school seniors in the State of New Jersey. Over 1.4 Million scholarships will be awarded nationally this year! Deadline is in early December.


    • AXA’s 2019 Scholarship program – is now awarded to the schools AND the student. We recognize the important role of educators - For every student who wins an AXA Achievement scholarship regardless of amount, a grant of $1,000 will be made to his or her high school. 


    AXA Achievementsm program helps high school seniors and their families take small, manageable steps towards college and overall success!  AXA awarded more than $28 million to over 6,500 students. Check out the resources below for students, schools/educators, and college-bound students. 


    2019 AXA Achievement Scholarship Program for Students:


    • Again this year, the community award and national scholarships are under one program. All students may now apply with one application to receive a scholarship of $2,500, $10,000 or $25,000.
      • Over $1.4 million in Scholarships will be awarded in 2019.
    • Deadline is fast approaching. We have an independent source choose the recipients & take the first 10,000 applicants it will likely close out in late November -early December ….The official deadline is December 14, 2018 for all scholarships but only the first 10,000 will be accepted. All scholarships will be announced in early April.
    • AXA AchievementsmScholarship will once again be announced in the U News & World Report Best Colleges Guidebook 


    2019 AXA Achievement Program for Educators & Schools:


    • AXA Achievement recognizes the important role educators play in a student’s success toward attending college.  For every student who wins an AXA Achievement scholarship regardless of amount, a grant of $1,000 will be made to his or her high school.
    • New Teacher Center – free online resources for teachers & educators
      • AXA continues to partner with the New Teacher Center to bring comprehensive online resources to teachers, district leaders and educational professionals. AXA and the New Teacher Center believe in the importance of keeping new teachers supported as they enter the workforce. These resources center around professional development, best practices for district leaders and opportunity for mentorship within the field. 
      • Teachers and Educators can access these free resources at newteachercenter.org/resources.