Sept 2019
  • Dr. Scott R. Rocco

  • Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! 


    It is an honor to represent all of you as NJASA President this year and to continue collaborating with leaders across our state on positive educational change. Through your visionary leadership and dedication, the efforts of your faculty and staff, and through our Association’s advocacy, our students are provided with educational opportunities that make New Jersey one of the best public education systems in our country.


    This national recognition requires strong local educational leadership, community building, and collaboration among many stakeholders at the local, county and state levels. To make the necessary improvements we envision for our districts requires the work of many. It’s this collaboration that energizes me on a daily basis and motivates me about working with you this year. 


    In a similar fashion, as the Incoming NJASA President, I will continue to collaborate with our Executive Director, Dr. Richard Bozza, and my fellow officers: President-Elect Dr. Margaret Dolan, Chief Education Officer, Westfield; Secretary Dr. Janet L. Fike, Chief Education Officer, Morris-Union Jointure Commission; Treasurer Tony Trongone, Chief Education Officer, Pemberton Township; and Immediate Past-President Dr. G. Kennedy Greene, Chief Education Officer, Newton; on advocating in our state, the nation, and globally for you, public education, and all those who work in our schools.


    One of my first actions was the creation of the new NJASA Leadership Diversity Committee. Nelyda Perez, Assistant Superintendent of Special Services & Programs, Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District; and 2019 Special Education Administrator of the Year will chair the Committee and NJASA Director of Special Projects Judith Rattner will serve as the staff liaison.


    The creation of this new Committee originated from discussions regarding NJASA 4 Equity. I would like to commend the NJASA Leadership Team, the NJASA membership and staff for their ongoing work in advancing the NJASA 4 Equity initiative. This project will continue to be at the forefront of our organization’s work, and I encourage all our members to be a part of it.


    Colleagues, you are the positive force that drives NJASA. It is through your work that we continue to advance public education in New Jersey and are recognized as one of the best educational systems in the nation. Please join with me this year as we continue this vital work for the benefit of our students, faculty, districts, and profession.




    Scott R. Rocco, Ed.D.

    2019-2020 NJASA Incoming President