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    My conversations with school district leaders throughout the state reflect similar themes.  Leading school districts during the pandemic presented incomparable and complex problems to address. The added burdens placed on every school district staff member create tension and frustration in the face of sometimes dissatisfied parents who are managing the challenges of their own work and personal lives. A great deal of that frustration shifts toward the superintendent who must address all with good humor and reinforce the message that “It will all be OK.”  Individual and meeting discussions I have with members reflect the frustration that district leaders themselves experience working through difficult circumstances with staff and parents; and completing the ever-mounting reporting requirements created by the NJ Departments of Education and Health. In short, being the leader of a school system today is more demanding than ever before.

    It is logical that we look to role models in every aspect of our lives for inspiration, particularly during difficult times. Role models set a standard that we can strive to achieve and compare our own work. It is important for each of us to have positive role models to emulate and to improve our own performance. NJASA has a long-established tradition of identifying school superintendent role models. Each year an NJASA selection committee identifies three regional Superintendents of the Year who indeed are people to emulate. The Superintendent of the Year Program pays tribute to the talent and vision of the men and women who lead our state’s public schools. The selected individuals have a record of work accomplishments, professional engagement, community involvement, and successful communication that can inspire us all.  Their stars shine not only for their accomplishments, but as representatives of all NJ Chief Education Officers!

    I am proud to announce the 2022 Regional Superintendents of the Year:

    Please visit our website, to learn more about the accomplishments of these talented individuals as well as to stay informed of important news and professional development opportunities.


    Respectfully yours,


    Richard G. Bozza, Ed.D.

    NJASA Executive Director