On Target September 2017
  • Incoming President Message


    Dear Colleagues:

    Tradition tells us the ten-week period between Labor Day and Election Day in New Jersey is always intriguing for a variety of reasons.  There is the unofficial end to summer, the beginning of school, and campaign rhetoric.

    This year promises to offer some interesting occurrences as residents of the Garden State will head to the election polls to elect a new governor. Additionally, all 120 representatives in the New Jersey Legislature are up for election.

    Last week, as I presided over my first NJASA Executive Committee meeting, I shared these reflections with the Association’s Leadership. I am pleased to tell you my thoughts were the foundation of a most productive discussion.

    You are all aware that as an organization, one of our greatest assets is our advocacy for children and our ability to work together within our organization.  It is on this foundation of collaboration that we will continue to enhance education for all New Jersey children.

    Thanks to the guidance and leadership of our Officers and Executive Director and your support we have turned the corner from some of our pressing challenges and are now moving forward in a new direction. We are resilient as school leaders.

    The NJASA Officers, for the 2017-2018 school year, will continue to build upon the theme of "One Vision-Our Voice."  This theme reinforces the Association’s Vision 2020 Plan that states, "The children are our future and every child in the state deserves the best education, regardless of their geographic or socioeconomic status."

    Over the summer months, I had the opportunity to attend and participate in several meetings with the New Jersey Department of Education and want to commend Commissioner Kimberley Harrington for her dedication to children and her leadership in improving and maintaining the excellent ideas and events being done for New Jersey education.

    I must tell you it’s rare when the stakeholders agree on how to move forward to advance education. This understanding can propel our students to build upon everything we’ve achieved.

    So, moving forward this year, I urge you to join with the Officers and participate in NJASA Committee meetings, register for our first-class professional development opportunities, and volunteer your expertise to advance the good of the cause for our children.

    I also encourage you take a few minutes to read NJASA Executive Director Dr. Bozza’s blog titled, "What’s Ahead for New Jersey’s Public Schools in 2017-18?" It is most enlightening!

    In closing colleagues, I suggest that as school leaders advocating for children you also need to – Keep Things in Balance – in both your professional and personal lives.  



    Dr. Michael Kuchar, Incoming NJASA 2017-2018 President