• Have You Checked Your Beneficiary Information? 


    Whether you have logged into your MBOS account for the first time or have been running estimates to plan for your upcoming retirement, checking your beneficiary information is an important and easy process to ensure that your pension contributions and life insurance benefits go to the person(s) you designate, should you unexpectedly pass away before your retirement date.

    To change your beneficiary information, click the DESIGNATION OF BENEFICIARY tab on the main screen (see Figure 1).

         figure 1
    (Figure 1)


    After clicking on the DESIGNATION OF BENEFICIARY tab, you will see that the beneficiary was set to your Estate as the default when you were first enrolled in the New Jersey Pension System (see Figure 2). 

    figure 2
    (Figure 2)


    If you have previously entered any beneficiary information, the following screen will appear (see Figure 3). Please verify the name, address, birth date, Primary or Contingent designations.

    figure 3
    (Figure 3)

    You can delete any of the existing information and re-enter new beneficiaries. Be sure to add the Primary beneficiary(ies) first, and any Contingent beneficiary(ies), such as children, next. Note that any non-spouse beneficiary relationship will be Other.

    figure 4
    (Figure 4)


    Once you have finished entering your beneficiary information, you will receive the following message confirming your changes (see Figure 5). You will also receive an email and a letter mailed to your address on record confirming your beneficiary information. You can click on “Printable Version” and print the new changes immediately.

    figure 5
    (Figure 5)


    Since there are no paper forms to change the beneficiary information, it is imperative to update your beneficiary information online. This must be completed when there is a life changing event such as marriage, divorce, or the passing of an existing beneficiary. You should review your beneficiary information periodically to make sure that the information is accurate.