Residency Overview

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    Anyone who receives an offer for a school administrator position is urged to contact an attorney immediately for advice and assistance in crafting a contract. NJASA will provide, as a courtesy, contract assistance by attorneys to any new Chief School Administrator who may not yet be a member, but who intends to join NJASA.
    To reach an NJASA Attorney, please contact Nathalie Avalos or 609-599-2900 ext. 118. 


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    Individuals who hold a Certificate of Eligibility (CE) for School Administrator and are offered a position that requires the School Administrator Certificate (Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent (not business), and Director with district-wide duties) are required to successfully complete a residency program while employed under the Provisional School Administrator Certificate. In May 2015, the New Jersey Department of Education assigned the New Jersey Association of School Administrators the responsibility of administering the School Administrator Residency Program (SARP) in accordance with the requirements of the NJDOE Request for Qualifications. New Jersey School Administrators Education and Research Foundation (NJSAERF) is the co-host of the School Administrator Residency Program (SARP).

    The conceptual framework of the SARP reflects:  

      1. alignment with the National Policy Board Professional Standards for Educational Leaders, supported by a thorough understanding and application of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, the New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers as defined in NJAC 6A:9-3.3 and the New Jersey Standards for Professional Learning as defined in NJAC 6A:9C-3.3;
      2. grounding in theory and best practice in adult learning, transformative leadership (Burns, 2003), adaptive leadership (Heifitz, et al, 2009), and organizational learning and change (Fullan, 2004, 2006 and Senge, 1990 & 2012); and
      3. clearly articulated goals for the program and for each individual resident as a means of planning and accountability.


    The SARP is a highly individualized and personalized design, based on three interrelated components:

      1. MentorSupportThe mentor is the keystone of the NJASA SARP, supporting the other components and driving fidelity to the framework and design.

    Please note: Residents may only consider mentors referred by NJASA. If a resident asks a mentor to serve, mentors are respectfully requested to refer the resident to NJASA with an explanation of NJASA mentor selection protocols. Mentors who do not adhere to NJASA mentor selection protocol may be disqualified.

      1. New Superintendents’ Academy (NSA), system of professional development experiences focused on the common needs and interests of first time school district leaders. Each resident’s personalized plan will require active participation in the NSA. NSA content and menu options will evolve over time in response to current policy and practice. Sessions will reflect best practice with opportunities for dialogue around the “so what, now what” questions.
      2. Networks of Professional Support, building upon the foundation of cohort relationships among residents and mentor, and many networks of professional support throughout the state.

    Note: The above content represents a summary of the conceptual framework and program design. Details of the program are delineated in the NJSARP Handbook available to registered residents and NJDOE/NJASA-approved mentors.