• Evaluating the Resident

    In addition to the monthly face-to-face meetings, the mentor shall evaluate the resident at least three times during the residency period on NJDOE-approved forms. The purpose of the formative evaluations is diagnostic and the basis for adjusting and tailoring the residency experiences toward the unique needs of the candidate.  The mentor is expected to share and discuss the evaluations and recommendations with the resident prior to submission to NJASA. Each evaluation is discussed and signed by the resident and the mentor. 

    The Summative Evaluation Form is the basis of granting the candidate a standard certification. It summarizes the resident’s work during the residency, organized around the leadership standards and references specific artifacts or evidence. Please note that artifacts are not submitted to NJDOE or to NJASA and should be maintained for a period of 2 years in the event of a NJDOE review/audit.

    The Recommendation for Endorsement Form asks the mentor to make one of the following judgments:

    Approved – A standard certificate will be issued;

    Insufficient – A standard certificate will not be issued but the candidate may be allowed to continue the residency for an additional year or seek another residency; or

    Disapproved – A standard certificate will not be issued and the candidate will not be permitted to seek, extend or re-enter a residency. 

    It is understood that the mentor is acting as an agent of the state, with responsibilities limited to certification by the State Board of Examiners. The mentor has no role in the performance evaluation of the resident as an employee of the board of education nor in the BOE decision on renewing or re-contracting. The recommendations of the mentor shall not be subject to review or approval by the board of education.