• Collaboratively Developing the Individualized Residency Plan (IRP) 

    The mentor reviews PSEL Reflection Tool and Growth Tool results and the school administrator resident’s background for leadership, management and teaching competencies and develops the IRP in collaboration with the resident. The IRP is designed to provide professional experiences, training, and instruction reflected in the leadership standards and in the 11 DOE–identified Domains of Practice:  district planning and policy formation; board of education operations and regulations; supervision of district-wide programs of curriculum, instruction and student services; collegial management, participatory decision-making, and professional governance; the roles, supervision and evaluation of central office staff and school principals; district financial and business operations; school facilities; labor relations and collective bargaining; government and community relations; and school law.

    The plan should meet the following criteria:

    • Individualized and personalized, based on previous experiences, the needs of the resident, job-embedded issues,
    • Reference activities to ensure familiarity with and applications of New Jersey Student Learning Standards, the New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers as defined inJ.A.C. 6A:9-3.3 and the New Jersey Standards for Professional Learning as defined in N.J.A.C. 6A:9C-3.3;
    • Reference active participation in the New Superintendents’ Academy;
    • Relevant, ensuring the IRP is connected clearly to the daily realities of the resident and the needs of the school system. This criterion is met by structuring the plan around the domains of practice and calendar cycles of New Jersey schools;
    • Accountable, with clear learning goals for each resident;
    • Shared for informational purposes only; if the resident is a superintendent, the mentor will consult with the board of education to inform the IRP. If the resident is an assistant superintendent or director, the plan will be shared with the superintendent as the resident’s immediate supervisor. Please note the mentor has no role in the performance evaluation of the resident as an employee of the board of education and therefore, no role in the BOE decision on renewing or re-contracting.