Sequence of Events during the Typical Residency Period


    _____ Resident’s school district personnel office registers on NJDOE NJEdCert Portal for provisional certificate


    _____ Resident or school district personnel office registers resident for SARP on the NJASA webpage


    _____ NJASA submits a list of mentors and resumes to the resident for consideration


    _____ Resident “interviews” mentors and makes the selection


    _____ Resident or mentor submits signed residency Agreement to and


    _____ Resident emails with the name of mentor selected


    _____ Resident completes Pre-residency Self-Assessment: PSEL Leadership Reflection Tool available on


    _____ Resident sends self-assessment report to mentor


    _____ Mentor and resident collaboratively prepare Individualized Residency Plan


    _____ Mentor invites experienced leaders to serve on the advisory team


    _____ Monthly individual, face-to-face meetings occur throughout the residency period


    _____ Resident actively participates in six sessions of New Superintendents’ Academy throughout the residency period


    _____ Mentor hosts at least three meetings of the Advisory Committee during the residency period


    _____ Month four: Mentor submits Formative Evaluation 1 to and


    _____ Month eight: Mentor submits Formative Evaluation 2 to and


    _____ After month 12: Mentor submits Summative Evaluation and Recommendation for Standard Endorsement to and


    _____ After month 12: Mentor assists resident prepare required Professional Development Plan for the subsequent year. NJASA offers a template on its website


    _____ NJASA submits resident forms to DOE


    _____ Resident applies on-line for the Standard SA Endorsement (101)


    _____ DOE reviews application and forms, processes and issues endorsement