• Steps to Obtain the Standard School Administrator Certificate


    N.J.A.C. 6A:9B-12.4 delineates the requirements to obtain the School Administrator Certificate of Eligibility (CE). Those requirements include graduate studies, an internship, passing score on a State-approved examination, and five-years successful school experience.

    The School Administrator CE authorizes its holder to apply for certain positions in a NJ school district. Those positions include superintendent, assistant superintendent, and director with district-wide responsibilities. Once the holder of the CE obtains and accepts an offer of employment, (s)he requests a Provisional School Administrator Certificate from the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE).

    The hiring school district applies for the School Administrator Provisional Certificate on behalf of the resident on the Provisional Licensure Registration Management System (PLRMS) which is found on the NJDOE Homeroom page. It is essential that a provisional certificate is issued before the residency period.

    When the hiring district registers the candidate, the “Statement of Assurances” box will be checked. (The mentor information boxes should be left blank.) That will generate a report to NJASA that the candidate needs to complete the residency program. To register directly for the NJSARP, click here.

    Registration with NJASA prompts enrollment into the New Superintendents’ Academy and the mentor selection process. Please note that recruiting mentors by residents and vice versa is prohibited and may result in mentor disqualification.

    Upon successful completion of the 12 month*NJSARP, including active participation in 6 sessions of the New Superintendents’ Academy (NSA) and fulfilling the requirements of the Individualized Residency Plan, the mentor recommends that NJDOE issue the Standard School Administrator Certificate.

    *Please note exceptions to the 12-month period in the Q & A section

    Special Note:
    Anyone who receives an offer for a school administrator position is urged to contact an attorney immediately for advice and assistance in crafting a contract. NJASA will provide, as a courtesy, contract assistance by attorneys to any new Chief School Administrator who may not yet be a member, but who intends to join NJASA.

    To reach an NJASA Attorney, please contact Trish Daniels at tdaniels@njasa.net or 609-599-2900 ext 111.