New Superintendents' Academy (NSA)

  • A critical component of the NJASA School Administrator Residency Program is the New Superintendents Academy (NSA), a system of customized, personalized, structured experiences focused on the common needs and interests of first-time school district leaders.  

    The NSA is a required component of the SARP. Each resident’s personalized plan will include active participation in the NSA. The menu of the highly successful NJASA NSA has been expanded with more options within the domains of practice for district administrators. Menu options will evolve over time in response to current policy and practice. 

    Each session of the NSA dedicates time to specific topics with presentations, Q&A, and discussion; all led by skilled facilitators and experienced superintendents. Priority is also given to dialogue, addressing the “so what, now what” questions. 

    Based on the resident’s past experience, training, and skills, the resident, in collaboration with the mentor, will be required to select 6 experiences from the menu. Topics within the courses will include, but not be limited to: 

    • BOE Operations and Relations; 
    • Financial Resources and Business Operations; 
    • Personnel Management, Contract Administration, and Collective Bargaining; 
    • Strategic Planning, Aligning Vision and Resources; 
    • Services and support for students with disabilities; 
    • Leadership Styles and self-assessment; 
    • Interactions with the Commissioner and/or his senior staff regarding DOE initiatives and support to districts 
    • Additional courses focused on curriculum, instruction, assessment, and leadership as may be required based on the training and background of the resident. 


    The mentor reserves authority to include experiences beyond this list based on individual circumstances and within the policies of NJASA.  

    Dates for the 2021-22 NSA sessions are listed below. All sessions will be held by Zoom until further notice from 9 to 3. 

    All participants must be registered to attend. Residents are signed up through an automated process during registration to the NJ School Administrators Residency Program. Others may register by contacting

    The outline of sessions and dates below for the New Superintendent Academy serve as information only.  

    FOR SUPERINTENDENTS:  September 21, October 25, November 17, December 15, February 23, March 23, April 26, May 24 

    FOR OTHER CENTRAL OFFICE LEADERS:  September 22, October 26, November 18, December 16, February 24, March 24, April 27, May 25 


    For individuals not enrolled on the NJSARP: Based on requests, we have opened the New Superintendents Academy to individuals who are not enrolled in the NJSARP. School and district leaders who meet attendance criteria for six sessions will have met the NSA requirement of the NJSARP.