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    A New Era for New Jersey Education – Uncharted Territories


    TRENTON, N.J., March 26, 2010 –The current climate of tough times and tough decisions, that all New Jersey school districts are facing, dominated the agenda of the New Jersey Association of School Administrators (NJASA) 2010 Representative Assembly on Friday, March 26th at the Jackson Liberty High School, Jackson.


    All the chief education officers and school leaders attending the Association’s annual meeting unanimously agreed that public education in New Jersey has entered uncharted territories. The tough choices Governor Christie spoke about in his mid-March budget message are now front-and-center action items at all meetings of all New Jersey’s local school boards and municipal governing bodies.


    NJASA Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza in the program’s welcoming address stated, “The reality of this situation places the burden of these tough decisions squarely on the shoulders of New Jersey’s chief education officers and school leaders.”


    Echoing Bozza’s remarks to the audience, NJASA President Doug Groff, Superintendent, Galloway Twp., Atlantic County, noted that the loss of state aid in the current budget year, as well as the unprecedented aid cuts slated for Fiscal Year 2011 require that everything including: privatization of non-educational services; elimination of courtesy bussing; implementation of fees for services; reductions district-wide for educational and non-educational programs; expansion of student-to-teacher ratios; and examination of employee contracts; are topics for the discussion table.


    Groff also encouraged his colleagues to follow a three-step plan within their respective districts that recognize the district situation; identify why the circumstances exist; and provide an action plan to achieve both positive and successful results.


    The Assembly participants publicly acknowledged in the open forum discussion that during these very challenging times the stakeholders of their respective school districts are looking to them as the chief education officers and school leaders for assurance that the most crucial issue – the best education for their children will not be lost.


    In his closing comments, Bozza reiterated, “There is no one winning formula by which to respond, as New Jersey’s school districts are so diverse.” 


    Bozza’s final quote reflects the NJASA position that recommends chief education officers and school leaders must encourage parents to stay involved in the decision-making process to assist in achieving the right balance and direction for their respective district.  





    About NJASA: The New Jersey Association of School Administrators (NJASA) is an organization of Chief Education Officers and school administrators leading school districts in New Jersey’s 21 counties. The Association’s mission is to ensure a superior statewide system of education.  Through ongoing professional training and education, the association shares knowledge about best practices both from an educational and administrative perspective among its members. Its goal is to move education forward by ensuring the highest quality of instruction for all of New Jersey’s children.