Special Education
  • December 2018


    The NJASA Special Education Committee, under the guidance of Committee Chair Dr. Gerard Crisonino, is looking for your input.


    During the Committee’s recent meeting, guest presenter Dr. Carolyn Marano, NJDOE Assistant Commissioner for Student Services, agreed to open a dialogue with the NJASA membership regarding challenging issues that emerge as school leaders serve students with disabilities. 


    Please take a few minutes and email the individuals below the state policies and problems of practice that warrant attention. Proposed solutions are also welcomed. If you have any questions, email Committee Staff Liaison Dr. Mark Stanwood.


    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


    Dr. Gerald Crisimino, gcrisonino@jcboe.org


    Dr. Janet Fike, jfike@mujc.org


    Dr. Richard.Labbe@sayervillek12.net


    Dr. Peter Koza, Kozap@udts.org


    Dr. Kerri McGinley, kmcginley@acsssd.net


    Dr. Mark Stanwood, mstanwood@njasa.net