Presidents of the NJASA County Affiliates are expected to aid in the strengthening of the NJASA County Affiliates through any activities appropriate to the accomplishment of this goal. Among these activities are the following:
    See that the NJASA County Affiliates are established as the main means of NJASA membership participation at the county level.
    Arrange for NJASA County Affiliate meetings which are scheduled separately from meetings of other county organizations if one segment of NJASA membership is not permitted to attend (i.e. county superintendents' roundtable meetings).

    Ensure that a minimum of two (2) county affiliate meetings are held annually at times and locations which are accessible and convenient for all NJASA members in the county.

    Provide informational programs at NJASA County Affiliate meetings which clearly communicate the goals and accomplishments of the state organization and which deal with important educational issues.

    Meet annually with the officers and staff of NJASA in order to strengthen both the NJASA County Affiliates and the state organization.

    Along with the County Executive Committee Member, appoint representatives to the NJASA Representative Assembly.

    Communicate with the Executive Director as to concerns or problems existing at the county level, which require resolution by the state association.